Thursday, April 8, 2010

This blog actually has nothing to do with Naruto.

I've just noticed a recent trend emerging in my blog posts, none of them are actually related to Naruto. This just goes to show just how ST!NK the cartoon is, especially up against the likes of Dragon Ball Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Dora the Explorer.

FOB of the week

I've decided that each week I'm gonna run a FOB of the week. Now a FOB (Fresh off the Boat) word is basically when someone messes up the word they're tryna say and they say it in a weird or funny way, similar to the way a person fresh from another country would, leaving everyone who hears it in hysterics. Here goes.

This weeks slip of the tongue comes to you courtesy of Sam Alipia.

Intended word - Uppercut.
Actual word - Uppercate.

Stay tuned for more FOB of the week :P

"Let off some steam Bennett"

Greetings. This blogging stuff is fun. It gives me a medium from which I can anonymously vent my frustrations, especially concerning things such as useless friends. I have a friend named Tevita Tupou and he is soooo mud. He said my blog was karks and that I couldn't read good. He stole my shoelace.


I'm gonna be throwin' up DL links to some of my favourite instrumentals soon, so keep posted!

Add this to your playlist.


Sup everyone, this blog was created with the intention of showing you just how incredibly ST!NK Naruto the cartoon is, and just how much greater everything else is in comparison. Movies/Music/Games/Sports/Fashion/Lifestyle/SexyLaydehs.